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Water Restrictions are Only the Beginning

It is summer in Texas and as the heat goes up, so does the water bills and electric bills. It is a struggle to have a halfway decent looking lawn and that is only going to get harder and harder as water becomes more scarce. The issues facing the Woodlands as shown below in this story affect the entire state with some counties still in drought conditions from last year.

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As the aquifers drop, water is going to become a precious resource. Some solutions are changing your landscaping to more natives and using drip irrigation to help conserve water. Redesigning your landscaping can also help water go back into the aquifer instead of running off into the sewers.

Rainwater harvesting is another option that can be added to help the water bill. When used in conjunction with the proper landscaping, water use can be reduced to drip irrigation using the rainwater that is harvested. Water harvesting systems can range from the simple (a few barrels) to the complex (underground barrels and pumps used).

The picture below shows an example of how much water can be saved given the variables of a 2000 sq foot roof and one inch of rainfall.

There are many types of rainwater holding devices as well as systems that can be designed. One can easily be designed to meet your needs for today and well into the future.
Stay tuned for more news and updates about water resources, harvesting, system design and more. As we learn, so shall you!

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