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Rainwater in Toilets: Why Use Drinking Water if you Don’t Have to?

With the seemingly never ending drought here in Texas, water conservation is an important means to preserve our potable water supply. This means getting super creative with how we use water. So why are we settling for using good, clean drinking water in toilets? Since it is the norm we go about our day not even thinking that there might be an alternative.

Rainwater collection can be used for much more than just landscape irrigation. Collecting the free water that falls on your roof and redirecting it back into your home for use in the toilets not only makes a statement but it is a responsible solution. It is one of many solutions but it is a good strategy to reduce our strained good, clean drinking water supply.
Does it cost some money? Yes it does but in the long run when it becomes a necessity to conserve water, maybe even state law to conserve, you are a step ahead. It is easier to plan this type of system of course with a new build, but it can be done with existing homes as well. 
Other alternatives for water conservation re-use graywater as well. Re-fitting a home for graywater re-use can be costly. It is less costly to incorporate graywater into a new build. Graywater is simply redirecting your used washing machine water, shower water and hand sink water for re-use in toilets and or landscape water.
Schools are starting the trend for #netzero buildings. Rainwater collection is part of these types of buildings. Click here for a current example of this type of building and what they are doing to be eco-friendly. 
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