Tiled Kitchen Backsplash

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This client had counter tops installed and wanted a custom tile backsplash to go with them. They had purchased the tile they wanted previously. We arrived, looked at what they had, went and got grout etc to install their tile and got to work. Project took about  14 hours (2 days). We also fixed a sink and bathtub leak and helped install the new gas stove while we were there.

Before pictures of the kitchen prior to the new tile backsplash.


During the installation, we covered the newly installed countertops for protection and had cardboard on the floor as well to make the cleanup easier. Here are some during the installation pics.


Here are final pictures after all the tile has been installed and sealed. We matched the grout and the caulk after seeing what the customer had for us to install.



Once the the customer has their new outlet covers those will finish off their kitchen.    This completely transformed their kitchen as you can see. They were very pleased with the end result.

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